Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Private Voluntary Organisation 38/69
156 ENTERPRISE ROAD, CHISIPITE, HARARE, ZIMBABWE - PH: 497574/497885 email: zimnspcahq@zol.co.zw


Latest News Flash on Animal Cruelty posted 20 Feb 2012

ZNSPCA is a non-profit Society that works towards the promotion of effective means for the prevention of cruelty and relief of suffering to animals throughout Zimbabwe.
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We promote the five freedoms.

The Five Freedoms

Freedom from hunger and thirst
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom from pain, injury or disease
Freedom to express normal behaviour
Freedom from fear and distress

Animal Information and Assistance for all

Tail docking
Exotic pets
Farm animals
Wild animals
Adopting a dog
How to look after your dog
How to look after your cat
Reporting animal cruelty
Going away? Plan and Prepare for your pets
Power cuts How they affect animals
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act
Pet's Place - Lost and Found Animals
Pet's Place - Animals Needing Homes
The Friend Animal Foundation

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